Here are the files I’ve done so far.

I have now updated the fighter and escort rules based on feedback received.

Because of disagreements over how to convert fighters I will provide two variations on fighters fast and slow. The fast fighters are treated as having warp booster packs in SFB (which halves the amount of damage a fighter can take in return for doubling their speed) while the slow fighters are not.

The difference means that slow fighters can take twice as much damage but are far more suited to defending or attacking fixed installations (bases/planets/etc), while fast fighters can keep up with or outpace ships and are useful as an offensive weapon.

While I favour faster and more fragile fighters, I want fighters to work in the game, without distorting the balance of the game and without overnight converting every fleet into a dreadnought carrier with escorting carriers and various escorts. Fighters caused a lot of issues in SFB, and while the mechanics of ACTA are significantly different in terms of the speed of playing fighter heavy games, I want fighters to be perfectly balanced against ships, so that a battle between a fighterless fleet playing a carrier fleet is determined by the skill of the players and not, as in so many GW battles, with victory determined in the buy army phase.

For feedback, please post on the Mongoose forum.

Fighter Rules version 1.1

Federation ships and Fighters

Federation Carriers and Escorts

Federation Fighters – fast

Federation Fighters – slow

Klingon Ships and Fighters

Klingon Carriers and Escorts

Klingon Fighters – fast

Klingon Fighters – slow

Romulan Ships and Fighters

Romulan Carriers and Escorts

Romulan Fighters fast

Romulan Fighters slow

Gorn Ships and Fighters

Gorn Carriers and Escorts

Gorn Fighters – Fast

Gorn Fighters – Slow


Here is a blank for the scenario template for ACTA – it’s dead simple and you will still need to add your own map. You can the play with fonts etc to your hearts content.

scenario template

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